We have a secret show on Halloween night at the Ryman, Nashville is the next city on Sonic Highway, we will watch the show first and then a concert, I have my ticketmaster account ready to go.

Dave did a secret show at The Bluebird a few months back, a very small venue with lots of history, hoping to get tickets tomorrow, fingers and toes crossed. I saw the Foo Fighters first tour with Mike Watt and Eddie Vedder and wife as Hovercraft here at 328 Performance Hall, now closed, saw many great bands there in 1994 and 95, loved the place, have seen many tours and will be reporting this show if I get in!


I did manage to see Tori Amos at the Ryman in August, she has aged gracefully and still sings like an angel, plays her piano like no other, great show. Unrepentant Geraldines Tour was great and so glad I was there.


A new band with young men who are changing the world with their music, been having shows at Phat Bites, new bar in Donelson, you will me hearing more about this band soon.


He tore it up at Bonoroo, but left Nashville off of the current tour for Lazaretto, had a change of heart and will be playing Bridgestone Arena in January! Hope to make that show too. He had a show and pressed and released the record in one day on vinyl, pretty cool.


We decided to go to Muscle Shoals, Alabama first to visit the recording studio on Jackson Highway, so much history there, try to grab the Muscle Shoals DVD, with Bono and other’s narrating, things I did not know, interesting enough to make me want to go there. The Rolling Stones, in the Wild Horses day, even Keith said he wondered how Sympathy for the Devil and Gimme Shelter would of sounded had they been recorded at Muscle Shoals. So many greats recorded there from Aretha Franklin, Duane Allman to Lynard Skynard and Bob Seger, will go back.

So on to New Orleans, all under construction, first night we couldn’t even get out of the hotel, Beyonce and the Doobie Brothers were playing at two venues and traffic was a nightmare. Finally got to Bourbon Street, had a seizure after drinking shots of Absinthe, my cell phone, tickets to Nick Cave, and my prescription for Lyrica were all stolen from me, I woke up in a hospital at 10 pm, to late to even try to go to the show, it got me down but I shook it off, phone was insured, Dr. gave me a new prescription and my husband bought me enough Nick Cave cd’s to keep me busy for awhile, so next time, no drinking, watching my blood pressure.


Took me 3 weeks to figure out how to get it in my i-tunes library, glad to have it on white vinyl now, it came yesterday and Rolling Stone with U2 on the cover came today, great album! Haters go on and hate, seems to me if you didn’t want it, don’t download it, U2 Nation is strong and we will gather with old friends and new for the tour! It’s the best album since Achtung Baby, going to be great live.


When I logged in to my ticket master account I tried to buy tickets to the show, nothing there to buy, after 45 minutes of trying I gave up, checked the Ryman site and it said SOLD OUT. They sold all of the tickets to scalpers. And they do not care, The Ryman made their money, if we wanted to buy scalped tickets there is still the matter of showing your credit card used if we purchased from the scalper, how would that work? Have lost interest now. Dave move the show to the Municipal Auditorium, do something! I can’t afford to spend next week’s grocery money on you. So bummed, doubt I ever go see them again.


WELL what happened you ask? my source told me that on Thursday night Dave and the band were at The Basement, bar under Grimey’s Record store, having a private screening of Sonic Highway. My source told me Dave said no autographs or photos! Though he did sign a girl’s guitar, they left at  8 pm. Also he was in a really bad mood and they had their goons with them, it was freezing cold outside, nobody was coming to mess with you Dave, Friday was silence, think he did an interview on Lightning 100, supply and demand yada yada, later Friday night it was windy and 33 degrees, I’m told a lot of people left pissed off when their scalper tickets wouldn’t work, I heard a man from Ohio wanted to bring down his sick wife, forced to buy from scalpers and on the way, I do hope they got in.

The line was two blocks around the Ryman for Will Call, where they were turned away, read one review, said it was a great show and lasted until 2 am.

Cities after us, BEWARE



Excellent show, Nick is on fire showing other bands how it’s done. the man is elegant, intelligent and one of the best writer’s in the business, one of the best front men ever, he has a magical spark. The show did not play here in Nashville on T.V. but a web link let’s you watch it until November the 29th.

Watch now: Austin City Limits | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | PBS Video

Now Nashville loves this kind of stuff!



I never did write this story because I have three albums that I just can’t pick one.

David Bowie “The Next Day”

One great song after another, I have the deluxe package, album, CD, extra CD, for a man with brain tumor, untrue, he has been in fine health writing beautiful songs with his genius friends, alot of music released on his birthday last year, January 8th 2013. The vocals are still rich and powerful, and of course the bass played by Gail Ann Dorsey is tight as ever, I love the sax on this album. Great work by Steve Elson! I hear some old Bowie, like in one song I hear, sounds like “Rock and Roll Suicide” , in one part and on with other influences of himself written for this unique record.

He has a list of the Who’s Who’s reading of musicians on this, his inflection of his voice on these new songs, he still has it, with songs like “Boss of Me”,”The Next Day” and “the Stars [Are Out Tonight”], love this record, still listen to it everyday. He is still the best, “Valentines Day”, “I’d Rather Be High” one after another! North American Tour Dates TBA

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Push The Sky Away”


Fell in love with this one from start to finish and not a day goes by that I don’t listen to it. The night I got to see the show, I’ll say this, one of the most electric performers I have I have ever seen. Musically, The Ryman is the best places to hear this show, my husband and I are going to New Orleans to see them again on the last leg of the tour.

The album shows another side of Nick Cave, he and Warren Ellis outdid themselves on “Higgs Boson Blues”, a story about what he thinks could happen with a black hole around and redemption does not happen for most, favorite song on the album, also got the deluxe package on this one and the Live album”Live at KCRW” that came out last November is a great one too. Back to “Push the Sky Away”. it is a vulnerable look inside the man himself. “Mermaids” is another favorite, love the change at the end on the live KCRW treatment was, genius, and “Push the Sky Away” is a great, album and the song, don’t let friends or even so called friends make you not believe in yourself. Push the sky’s the limit out of the way!

Jack White working on new album, I have heard one nasty distorted tune from the new album, sounds great. Nashville so far has been left out of the tour dates, I love your live show Jack, except for that last one for “Blunderbus”. Show was a dismal failure but the fans still showed gratitude even after the jackoff price, you didn’t say a word, seems the all girl band will stay with him, giving this one a wait and see.

Johnny Cash- “Out Among the Stars”

Record store day is on Saturday this week, this is my album to look for, his newly found recordings from the 1980’s, I have heard this album is a must have for Cash fan’s like me!

Depeche Mode Delta Machine

Have seen them many times, they never let me down again, new album is great, especially live

U2 Album and Tour Postponed for 2015

Most fans are pissed, I say wait until the album is worth the trouble and then send me all over the US! I have seen 14 tours, would have been 15 but I had a broken ankle, it was 104 degrees, and I just got released the day of the show, I let my two sons go and shoot me videos, both have been before, Nick in Atlanta, Corey in Hawaii, daughter Jamie Rose’s turn this time, Happy Record store Day to all music lovers,  going to Third Man too. will report back, Going to Grimey’s and maybe, hit up a metal show at Daisy Dukes


The donations came through, we even got one on this page! Stacy said I Rock! I said you do to, will report about as it goes along, I say it has nowhere to go but up!

We had lot of hits on this page and a donation pledge from my page, great musicians like Stacy give me hope about rock music in this old country town, truly love this new Sin Shake Sin album, hope you all do too!



905364_666691940020394_1412723084_oAlready a huge fan of Stacy’s, Lover’s and Liars were pretty awesome, so when I heard he had some songs used in tv shows and then his own project, Sin Shake Sin which has a raw edge that I LOVE, Stacy played every note on every instrument and every lyric on this one.

Last Lover and Liars show at 12th&Porter was packed to the very last spot! but I got my sweet sweaty hug, also got me a hug from my buddy Mike Hendershot and his beautiful wife Athena, but speaking of great women behind the artist, MelisSa McCallister Hogan is a princess. They will be touring again with the new show this year, yes I will be there. NashvilleRock has followed this man and his touring band for many years and it’s no secret this is my favorite local man!

Best of luck Stacy, the project is 98% funded, be sure and check out his facebook page, more info there, now I  have a magazine review and the video to show you!

Lovers and Liars Frontman Announces Sin Shake Sin
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Monday, January 06, 2014

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In the music industry there’s competition everywhere. You’re constantly competing with other bands for attention, especially when you are a new band trying to rise through the ranks to popularity. When you’re a songwriter, you’re constantly competing with other writers to come up with the perfect song so that your piece of music will be picked up instead of someone else’s. Stacy Hogan has fought and won battles on both sides.

As a songwriter, Hogan has written 10 major label songs for

other artists across multiple genres, including 2 Billboard Top 10 Hard Rock singles. In 2013, Hogan saw his music be licensed for multiple TV shows and commercials in addition to winning multiple songwriting awards.

Working behind the scenes, Stacy’s been prolific. The same can be said of Hogan as a performing musician. His last rock project, Lovers and Liars, was a recognized and highly regarded band. They toured across the country, and released two EPs and one LP, all of them to commercial and critical acclaim. Eventually, Lovers and Liars earned a record contract with Universal Republic in 2010. After years of dealing with industry woes on the label and just coming off of it, the band called it quits early in 2013 and Hogan embarked on a new project, Sin Shake Sin.

“It all started when I found myself writing for everybody else,” said Hogan. “It was a cool outlet to try but I was missing the creative element of not having a deadline and being able to do what you want. That creative freedom, I missed that. I picked up a guitar and started writing, wanting to do something different – I knew I wanted it to be different from Lovers and Liars. So, it just came from that, getting back to that creative freedom and seeing what happens.”

Sin Shake Sin is Hogan’s one-man band. He plays all the instruments, writes the songs, sings, records, produces, and mixes the project himself and it has Hogan setting out to create a fresh new experience in independent and alternative rock. The lyrics are fun, raw, anthem-worthy and relatable. They also aspire to do more – they’re historically and socially conscious, politically critical and most of all, inspiring for those who look around and want more for their generation and the next.

The music is a bold and unique mix of industrial rock with underlying pop sensibilities, textures and rhythms. The beats are swampy and infectious. The sound of the project has Hogan blending inspiration from some of his favorites. You can hear trace elements of inspiration coming from Nine Inch Nails, AWOLNATION, Muse, and the White Stripes. To go along with those influences, Sin Shake Sin has a swampy, southern vibe engrained in the music. Part of Hogan’s unique approach with Sin Shake Sin is that he uses an eight-string electric guitar to achieve his ultra-low, dirty, swampy sound. That sound is evident on the debut single, “Trendsetter.”

“I bought the eight-string guitar because I was writing for Brian Welch’s solo record, “Love and Death” and I needed something super-heavy sounding. Once the project was completed and I was working on my own music again, I looked over at the guitar and thought, ‘why not give this a try for something that isn’t metal?’ So, I put this ultra ‘modern’ guitar through a bunch of vintage sounds (like old tube amps with 60’s style spring reverbs) and laid down a funky pop beat to go with it. From that, the swampy indie pop/rock sound started.”

“Trendsetter” is available now. Hogan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the debut album from Sin Shake Sin, you can support the debut at:



More on Sin Shake Sin, Lovers and Liars on Alternative Addiction


I consider Marty Pelto a close friend and think he is one of the best guitarists in town. He can shred like Van Halen and his original songs for Snow Black Sunday are great and of course I love his version of U2’s with or Without You, so when I heard  about him winning the Sam Ash Contest I was impressed, the prize was opening for Steve Vai in Knoxville, saw a video and I have to say it is a show I wish I had been able to attend, I asked Marty for details, he told me the story.

It started a couple of months ago.  I entered the Sam Ash Best In Shred contest sponsored by Sam Ash, Ibanez and Vai. I had to submit a 15 second video via Instagram.  They got several hundred submissions.  They narrowed it down based in store and location and ultimately I won Nashville (after doing a live in store performance).  I could play to a Vai Naked Track or my own track.  So I had written an instrumental song I jammed over.  Ultimately that is what I also performed at the Vai show at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville.  I have been recording instrumental guitar rock for over 20 years so this was my prime opportunity to shine.  At the show I was treated great by the Vai crew and it was a pleasure having his tech Thomas look after me as well.  I was able to see the in reworkings of the Vai show and all of his little secrets such as the Ultra Zone guitar, EVO, pedals, amps etc.   He was very complimentary of my performance and said he loved the fact that the contest was able to uncover and expose a lot of great players across the country.  Being a fellow (former) NY resident  myself we spoke about NY, winters, my hometown Ithaca, farms, kids, touring and life in general.  We did so sitting on the edge of the stage at the end of the concert while the road crew tore down the stage and gear.  He told me they were about to embark on a small tour in Mexico and then hit the states again until about May.  He commented he’s been on tour forever but still wants to keep going.  The man was and is a true inspiration.  In a day and age where so many musicians and artists get caught up in trying to market themselves and craft a hit single, Vai has a built in audience grounded in the fact that he is just a pure musician and creates art.  He is a prodigy and a dying breed in the entertainment world. It was an honor to be allowed to play on his stage and be welcomed into the Vai universe and partake in an event I will never forget!!

Sounds like all went very well and I am very proud of Marty! Nashville has many great rock and metal musicians, Marty is a fine example, way to go dude!




When we finally got to Grimey’s New and Pre Loved Music store, it was packed inside and out and there was a yard sale block party next to the store that didn’t ease the parking situation, but I was on a quest, I had waited a few months and had a list.

I have to say I do love Grimey’s Too, gives much more needed space and has books and magazines that I love, unfortunately Saturday I was met at the door and the nice man at the front door told us the line started behind the store. I was looking for the Record Store Day only release of a 7 inch Nick Cave, but the line was just to long, over in The Basement and Grimey’s parking lot they had some great bands playing.

Thank you to all the great people who work there and somehow keep things running smoothly.

The vibe was really cool, people meeting up and talking about music, I dearly love this little record store. One young lady told me that over at Third Man Records and Studio had also been packed with bands but it was over, I don’t like going over there early because only a few people get let in, they leave, next group goes in kind of thing. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Back to the store, there was one area I just could not get to, FRESH VINYL!

The hubby found a Black Keys, I found the Birthday Party Compilation of hits, PUNK and as much as I love punk, this was pretty bad, I kept listening and found some great songs like “Deep In The Woods” and “Big Jesus Trashcan”, all in all good for my collection. I tried, hubby tried, we finally got through the long line to pay and I asked for help and within a minute I had David Bowie, “The Next Day” and Depeche Mode’s new one “Delta Machine” on vinyl and Bowie’s has a CD included, still wanted more but will wait till a weekday I think.

David Bowie has never sounded better, I am in love with this double album. Excellent work, so glad he put this out, just hearing Gayle Ann Dorsey and some of the other great musicians he uses again is another perk on “Next Day”, again makes this a must have.

Depeche Mode’s “Delta Machine is another double album, still giving it a good listen, first two sides are great, something seems to be lacking on sides C and D, still going to go to their concert, one of the best live bands ever.

This day was also my 25th wedding anniversary, actually the date was yesterday but we celebrated all weekend. Wanted to go to foobar but could not find it, that was the only bummer, told Chris Higgins I would be there for his band Piranah, love those guys, will catch them soon, I am also looking forward to seeing Hell Head with my good friend SikTom on vocals on May 10th at Exit/In.